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我們會根據具體情況處理查詢,最終目標是讓我們的客戶滿意。多謝支持我們的製品,這些商品經過檢查以確保客戶對它們感到滿意。每個請求都將得到公平合理的處理。我們相信,在平等和尊重地對待我們的客戶時,他們對我們是公平和禮貌的。 退貨:很遺憾,我們無法接受退貨,但如果您對商品有任何問題,請通過 online@black-corn.com 聯繫我們,就我們如何解決您的問題展開對話。我們總是很樂意提供幫助! 交換:我們目前不對在線訂單進行交換。 缺陷:我們的目標是一次就把它做好,這就是為什麼我們在整個質量控製過程中對每件產品進行 3-4 次檢查。如果您覺得收到的產品有缺陷,請通過 online@black-corn.com 聯繫我們,並附上您的訂單號和問題產品的照片,以就我們如何糾正這一問題展開對話。

Inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal to make our customers happy. We stand behind our handmade goods that are inspected to assure customers are to be satisfied with them. Each request will be treated fairly and reasonably. We believe when treating our customers evenly and respectfully that they are fair and polite with us.

RETURNS: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns, but if you have any problem with your items, please contact us at online@black-corn.com to open up a conversation on how we may address your concern. We are always happy to help!

EXCHANGES: We do not currently conduct exchanges for online orders.


DEFECTS: We aim to get it right the first time which is why we inspect each product 3-4 times throughout our quality control process. If you feel you have received a defective product, please contact us at online@black-corn.com with your order # and a photo of the product in question to open up a conversation on how we can make this right.

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